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Products Name : PTFE Gasket Non-metallic Gasket
Product details:

HY9808 non-metallic gasket is the level of asbestos, non-asbestos, rubber, pure graphite, PTFE, graphite-filled PTFE (modified PTFE), the mica plate, and so cut into the pads. Applicable to the different needs of working condition.......>>More

Products Name : PTFE Gasket Non-metallic Gasket
Product details:

Gasket composed of powder processing to suppress or directly by the plate shear, ptfe gasket has excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance, applicable temperature from 200 to 500......>>More

Products Name : Plain Asbestos Gasket
Product details:

Apply to ordinary low pressure seal parts, can according to user needs to choose a different pressure levels, heat resistance and oil resistance and other performance requirements, product composed of plate shear......>>More

Products Name : Non-Plain Asbestos Gasket
Product details:

Mainly used in shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry requires a clean environment, based on the principle of environmental protection, health and safety, is first choice to replace asbestos gaskets, in addition to the domestic brands......>>More

Products Name : Rubber gasket
Product details:

According to the different media for nitrile synthetic CR, NBR, EPDM material such as EPDM, fluorine rubber FKM gaskets, can clip wire or......>>More

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