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Products Name : Spiral Wound Gasket
Product details :

JW6101 metal winding gasket with stainless winding spiral wound gasket into steel band and non-metallic filler overlay, it has excellent sealing performance. Can be used for a wide temperature......>>More

Products Name: Inner and Outer ring
Product details :

Have HG20610, HG20631, SH3407 and ASME B16-20 series A3, 304, 316 l, 304 l and 316 inventory supply inside and outside the ring......>>More

Products Name: Serrated Gaske
Product details :

apply to oil refining, petrochemical, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, heat, light, space, atomic energy and pharmaceutical industries, such.......>>More

Products Name: Corrugated Metal Gasket
Product details :

HY9805 Corrugated Metal Gasket through the pads on both sides milling or turning into a cross-section of wave, wave and......>>More

Products Name: Metal Jacketed Gasket
Product details :

JW6700 metal-coated gasket with flexible graphite, asbestos, asbestos, ceramic fiber as the filling material, outsourcing, 304, 304 l, galvanized iron, copper, aluminum ......>>More

Products Name: Ring Joint Gasket
Product details :

JW6204-6206 metal ring gasket, octagon gasket and elliptical gasket, lens gasket, flat gasket and plate spring washers, etc., blank forgings by the CNC lathe processing, suitable for high ......>>More

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